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My name is Erica and I'm a freelance illustrator with a hankering for gorgeous handmade items.

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Perfect for gym or travel.

Japan inspiration for my new bobby pins -

This pair of wedding wooden ornaments is hand painted with acrylic paintes.
Horses are very constant and reliable animals, that’s why we chose them as a wedding ornament or a gift for the one yoiu love. The quantity of horses (2) symbolizes love and harmony.

T Shirt Rag Rug Utility Earthy Gray Navy Blue Black Orange Tan Upcycled Laundry Modern Farmhouse Rectangle 23x29in

These aquamarine rings are perfect for the mermaids at heart. 

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Sixth in the Spirit Dragons series, Ciel was inspired by the night sky illuminated by the Moon and stars. He has a deep blue body with light-blue glitter on his neck and wing extremities, silver eyes, eight horns on his head, forelimbs covered by well-modeled and hued scales, wide, starry black wings (with clear and coloured rhinestones); in his tail he’s clutching a little Moon, painted pearly white.
Entirely sculpted and painted by hand. Signed, dated, with authenticity certificate.

The sculpture is approx 5,5 cm / 2.2 in tall, 11,5 cm / 4.5 in wide and 12 cm / 4.7 in long.
Cold porcelain, acrylic colours, rhinestones, triple layer of satin water-based varnish.